West End Firewood is owned and operated by the family of Many Creations.
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In 1988 West End Firewood was started by two brothers native to Whitinsville, MA. From then
up until March 23, 2020 West End Firewood was built up to a 2,000 bundles of firewood a day
operation while employing 15 people. This family owned business set fire from unknown causes
resulting in 4 essential buildings being destroyed and a loss of the ability to package firewood as
well as a large financial loss. The two owners have kept their positivity and drive to rebuild and
continue their business in hopes to soon be running again producing bundles of firewood
servicing customers across New England as they previously were.

Due to the fire, West End Firewood lost a tremendous amount of supplies that kept them
running every day. Below is a list of some of the items that were destroyed but highly essential
to rebuild. We know this is a lengthy list of items, and some are not typical items lying around
most people’s houses. We thought during this crazy time going on in the world, some people
may be cleaning out their garages or basements and come across some of these items. If you
do, we will be happy to buy it or take it off your hands!

Please note: we appreciate the thought and consideration of West End Firewood as you clean,
but please only contact us if you know these items are still useful and in good shape long
enough to last a few years. We are more than willing to buy any used supplies in order to make
it easier for us to focus on rebuilding instead of shopping around for new items.

From everyone in the West End Firewood family, we thank you all so much for thinking of us!
God bless.

All Around Use

● 4ft Pipe wrench
● nail gun
● Cat-7 ethernet cabling (a lot)
● Video security system, cameras, etc.
● Trail cams (for entrances)

● Chains (for towing)

● Heavy duty wire fencing

● Pipe threading machine

    (and tools that come with it)

● Hose crimping machine

● Hydraulic hoses

● Hydraulic hose fittings

● Electrical wiring (connectors, wire nuts, electrical tools, plugs, 220 plugs, crimpers,
● Oil (NOT USED)
● Hydraulic oil (46 weight)
● Steel
● Wood saw (sawzall)
● Drill bits
● Nuts, bolts, washer, locknuts
● Tool boxes

Heavy Equipment

● Forklift
● TL90A tractor (with parts)
● Kubota 4 cylinder diesel engine with clutch pre emission
● Hydraulic pumps

Office Equipment

● Desk
● Chair
● Filing cabinets,
● Office supplies
● Color printer

● Lockers

Please fill out the contact form below
with any items you may have available,
one of our staff will contact you.
Thank you.
West End Firewood

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